Maybelline Color Tattoos: Icy Mint & Lavish Lavender

Hey everyone! So for awhile now people have been talking about the limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoos released with the Summer collection. I finally spotted a few at my local Walgreens. I also went to 2 different Walgreens and a CVS to track down the very popular Seashore Frost. I had no luck finding it. All the stores I went too had every color except for that one.So I did pick up 2 that I was really wanting and thought I would share my first impression on them. 

The first swatch is Icy Mint. I can not begin to tell you how excited I was that there was a mint color tattoo being released. I had to have it. I was excited to find it, and excited to bust it open and swatch it. I was so disappointed with this one. I ran my finger over the color many times and still got nothing. HUGE disappointment. This one went back to Walgreens. 
 Next up is Lavish Lavender. Another one I was pretty excited about. This one swatches a bit better than Icy Mint, but still wasn't what I expected/hoped it would be. These are all duo chrome maybe that's why I wasn't feeling this one. In certain light this is really pretty color, but in other light it's..not so pretty. This one...also went back to Walgreens.

So there you have it. Now maybe I didn't give these colors a fair chance being that I didn't apply them to my eyes. Just the swatching was enough for me. These are definitely the worst color tattoos I have tried. I have 4 other colors from the permanent line that I just love. These are not good. In my opinion you should just pass on these and hope the next collection is better. 

Have you tried any of the Summer Collection Color Tattoos? What are your favorite colors? Thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have tried ant of these LE colors I hope you had better luck than I did with them.