September Non-Beauty Favorites

We are quickly nearing the end of September. 
Which means it is time again for my non-beauty favorites.
So let's not waste anytime, and get started!

The first favorite I guess you could kind of consider beauty related.
It's a lipstick lamp!
I found this at Target in their college section.
The original price of this lamp was $25.
Which to me is WAY too much. 
So I waited until it went on clearance.
I got it for just over $6!
I am so happy to finally have this lamp!
I never really plug it in and have it on, though, it's more for decoration.

 Next on the list...owls.
Owls seems to be popping every I go lately.
So I have been loving my owl clock.
This clock actually belonged to my grandparents.
I remember being a little girl, and spending the night
there with my brother, and cousin.
I remember I would just lay there and listen to the ticking of the clock.
While it might not the most attractive thing to some, 
and really isn't anything I would pick out if I saw it in a store
I love it.

 Now get ready for some hello kitty.
First is this cute little wristlet.
My brother actually bought this for me the day I lost my job.
I kept telling him he didn't have to, but he didn't listen.
i love this thing! It's cute, and so much easier to carry 
than my huge HK purse.

Next is this cute little HK bag that Adam actually found at a garage sale.
He called me one day on his way home from work,
and told me about a sale he was going to stop at.
He ended not getting what he thought he wanted.
He saw this bag though, and got it for me.
It shocked me that he would get me something HK.
Mainly because he thinks I'm too old for it.
Now I would never use this bag out in public,
but if traveling I think it would make a great makeup bag.

And one more HK. It was just a HK filled month!
Once again from Adam.
During one of our midnight runs to Wal-Mart
I spotted this cute HK holding a cupcake!
2 of my favorites things together....purrfect! 
ha get it? kitty? purr?
Anyway I had to have it so he got it for me.

Finally. A food favorite.
One of my favorite cereals is 
Cap'n Crunch w/ crunch berries.
So when I spotted the Oops All Berries....
of course I had to have it.
This cereal is so yummy!
Of course it's not the healthiest choice...but I love it!

And those are all my non-beauty favorites for the month of September.
I hope you all had a great month of September!
See you again in October with more favorites.

Haul: Ulta, Drugstore, Target, Bath & Body Works

Late last week I did some shopping. I went to a few different places, and found some great stuff!! I filmed the Haul on Friday and finally got it uploaded tonight. Hope you all have had a great weekend, and have a great week! <3

Ok...So I Was Wrong....

So back in June I uploaded a review on my YouTube Channel on the Philosophy Purity Cleanser. In the review I said that my $4 cleanser was just as good and this more expensive one, and that Purity wasn't worth the price. I also said that I would never spend $20 on the full size product. Well a couple months have gone by, and I have given this cleanser another chance. I have to say this time around things are completely different. I love this cleanser! I love it so much that I am considering buying the full size bottle! Now since discovering that I was wrong and was too quick to judge this product..I have deleted the review video. I think at the time I was still thinking more of the price tag rather than the actual product.Again I do admit that I was wrong about this product. I really have enjoyed it, and can't wait to purchase the full size! So glad that I gave this another chance.