July Favorites

 It's the end of July and that means it's time for some favorites. This is something I really missed doing and have looked forward to doing again. Before I picked out my faves I thought I would have quite a few things. Turns out... I don't. But these are truely thing that I have been loving and can not get enough of.

Let's get started!! 

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette
First of all that chocolate scent gets me every time. Yum!
The pigmentation of the shadows are great and the shadows are so soft
Maybelline The Nudes palette
Not super impressive pigmentation but I still really love this palette.
It's great for when I just want a simple look.
Maybelline Leather Color Tattoo - Barely Beige
I've heard people say these seem dry but mine is actually pretty creamy.
I love this color so much and again great for days I just want a simple/quick look.

 Sigma F80
My first Sigma purchase.
My fiance and I went to Minnesota about a month ago and went to the Mall of America.
I had to go to the Sigma store and I knew I wasn't leaving without this brush.
I've heard so many great things about it on YouTube and just had to try it for myself/ 
This is the best thing I've ever used to apply foundation.... it's perfect!!

 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
This stuff is a mom life saver!
While my daughter usually sleeps through the night..
I tend to stay up later than I should... like right now as I type this.

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
When I first tried this I wasn't a fan, but after trying it several more times I fell in love! 

Not Your Mothers Whip It Up Mousse
Let me tell you the main reason I bought this...
I read that and had to try it and it really does!!
It's delicious.

 Revlon Lip Butter - Pink Lemonade
I was pretty bummed when I first tried this and saw it's extremely sheer.
But then I grew to love that. It's perfect for throwing in your bag and applying when you need
something moisturizing with a sheer tint. 

Sunflower Citrus & Apricot Mango Anti-Bac 
These smell amazing! 
I love them both but I think I love Sunflower Citrus a tad more.

Makeup Collection

In my post yesterday I mentioned having a new vanity setup and  how I've been so excited to share it. Well here it is! I love this setup so much more than my old one. It just feels and looks more grown up to me. Everything finally has it's own place and I finally have less clutter all over the place! You may notice some baby items, and that's because my setup is to be in my daughters room for now. I don't think she minds sharing though. Anyway let's get to the makeup!! 

Yes, I did what all the other girls are doing and I purchased the Alex 9 Drawer from Ikea.
I can see why this thing is so popular...it's perfect!!

On the top - Napkin holder (also from Ikea) was intended to hold more palettes but then I thought this is the main one I want to display. ELF Ariel Beauty Book (Available now at Walgreens!), The pink box is a Prada Candy roller ball perfume, mini cake stand candle hold (from Bath & Body Works) hold my mini Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume as well as a pair of pearl earrings. And then there's the mirrored Hello Kitty brush holder from Sephora. 

First drawer is lip products. This isn't set up the exact way I imagined but it'll do for now.

Face - foundation, concealer, prinmers, powder, and blushes. I also keep my beauty blender in there.

Eyes - Again not exactly how I wanted it to look. I wanted everything to laid out so I can clearly see what I have, but I'm weird and don't the drawers to get dirty....  I know. 

Hair - Notthing exciting here. Hairs claw thingys, bobby pins, sock bun maker, hair ties. Brush and combs.

Makeup removers/skincare. Cotton rounds and 3 B&BW roller balls in the back. The qhite container holds Q-Tips but I need to restock.

Hot hair tools.

Makeup bags and the box from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

Nail polish!!! And nail tools. I LOVE this drawer.

And finally... my new vanity table. I love this so much!
Table is from Ikea and the mirror is from Lowe's.

This lamp stole my heart. The camera didn't capture it but the lamp shade has GLITTER!
It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.
Lamp and lamp share are from Target.

Brush holders are Sonia Kashuk from Target. I got them on clearance so I don't think they sell them anymore. 2 kabuki brushes and my 5 drawer muji.

My 3 favorite palettes and my Sigma single shadow.

Chanel foundation, concealers, bronzer, powder, eye primer and face primer.


More eye stuff. Color Tattoos, mascara, eyeliners, and 2 Wet n Wild singles.
Oh and that Maybelline palette? I love it!

And finally more lip glosses and lip sticks.
And a lonely lip balm.

So that's it!  That's my new setup and organization and I couldn't be happier with it. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time....
xo - heather

Remember Me?

..You may or may not remember me. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and there have been LOTS of changes in my life. Where to begin... February..I got engaged! We have been together for 9 years now and we're finally going to get married! I am so excited, but also a bit overwhelmed with all the planning that goes into a wedding. Maybe we should just elope... but then I wouldn't get to wear the gorgeous dress that it currently in my closet. (I didn't waste anytime on that part)

Let's see what else has happened.... AH YES!! I had a baby!! Out little girl was born in March and we couldn't be happier parents. She is truly a blessing and we just love her to pieces! She is now 3 months and just the most perfect baby ever! She is starting to smile more and more everyday and making lots of cute little baby noises.

I've said this many times, but I really want to get this blog going again. I have a new makeup/vanity setup that I can't wait to share.I miss talking beauty and sharing what I'm loving. I also want to post about different things..not just makeup. I want to share my wedding planning experience, and things i'm learning as a new mom.

Until next time....
  xo ~ heather