New Year

As the end of 2011 quickly approaches I can't help but look back on the year. A lot of not so good things have happened this year, and sadly that's all I can seem to focus on. I think it's just human nature to over look all the good and only see the bad negative stuff. While there were a lot of bad things there were also good things. So I want to use this post to look back and share some good things from 2011.

Early in the year my brother had to go through heart surgery. It was a pretty scary time for the family. His health hasn't been the greatest ever since he was born. So the thought of him being put under to have a surgery done was scary. And not just any surgery, but dealing with his heart. It was a weird kind of day, and I prayed a lot that day that everything would go well. I remember I wanted to have that day off from work so bad, and I couldn't get it. Luckily I was able to leave early that day, and got to the hospital and waited with everyone else. I remember when a nurse came out to update the family she found out I was his sister, and told me that he was asking for me. That made me feel so good. Finally after about 6 hours surgery was done, and we were able to see him. I remember when we found out he was ok and everything went great I cried.. happy tears of course. As scared and nervous as I was it I couldn't help but cry when I heard he was ok.

Now on to something lighter. April. I started making YouTube videos. This was something I had thought about for awhile. There were a few girls that I would watch, and they made me want to do it too. They just made it look like so much fun. So finally one day in April I decided I'm gonna do it. I was pretty nervous. I know the internet world can be pretty harsh and judge mental. I am a bigger girl and I expected to get a lot of really rude comments about my weight, and I have received a few and it's made me think maybe I don't want to do videos anymore. But then I think I don't care what a few people think. I really do love making videos, and it's help me in my real life too. I'm pretty shy and somehow making videos has helped me come out of my shell a little bit and explore a side of me I always knew was there, but never wanted to let out. Also I want to say thank you to anyone who has watched my videos and the ones who have left sweet messages and comments. Thank You!

This summer was amazing! I had what I like to call the best job ever. I was basically babysitting and at my age that can be pretty embarrassing. I loved every minute of it though...well ok not EVERY minute. I loved that I got to spend so much time with my friend kids who I adore and love just like they were my own. I loved spending so much time outside, and taking them to parks. I think my favorite day was when I took them to the lake. Now I was nervous about this..just me and 3 kids? Oh boy! These kids were sometimes hard to handle which is where the nervousness came from. To my surprise, though, they were awesome that day! I learned a few things that day.. about bugs. The oldest who is 9 loves bugs, and loves learning about them. But what 9 year old boy doesn't? He would see a bug or butterfly and tell me something about it that I didn't know. He's a smart boy. There is a trail that goes around that you can walk, which is what we did. It was a blast! I was nervous for no reason, because they were so awesome that day and very well behaved. By far my favorite day.

Fall quickly approached and I was no longer babysitting. It was time to move on and get a a different job. I had to go through a couple bad ones to get to the good one I'm at now, but it's ok it all worked out. I was so excited when I finally got called from the job I had been waiting on since April (the one i'm currently at). I felt like I was never going to hear from them, but one day I got a call that had an opening..FINALLY!
\ hasn't been winter for very long but so far I guess it's going alright. And I guess this brings me to where we are right now.

I really am looking forward to the new year, and hopefully it will be a better one. I am excited to see what's to come, and honestly a little nervous. I'm sure it will be great though. I hope you all had an amazing 2011 and I hope you have an even more amazing 2012!! Be safe and have a Happy New Year!!!!

Review: Ponds Evening Soothe Makeup Removing Towelettes

This review is going to be for the Pond's Evening Soothe Makeup Removing Towelettes. These towelettes are described as having chamomile and white tea. I was excited to try these wipes out, because I love the original Pond's makeup removing wipes. 

Personally these wipes didn't give me a "soothing" feeling. It just felt like I was using a normal makeup removing wipe. The smell was nothing too special, and actually made it kind of hard to use the wipes.
They, like the regular Pond's wipes. removed all my makeup. Nothing special about these. I won't be purchasing these wipes. I will stick to the regular Pond's towelettes.

Review: John Frieda Full Repair

This is going to be a post about one of the shampoo samples that came with the Target beauty bag. There will be no photos for this blog. The 3 samples that were included in the bag were Tresemme Naturals, Garnier Pure Clean, and john Frieda Full Repair.

If you are subscribed to me on YouTube then you probably saw the video where I said I was trying to break away from drugstore shampoos. That is part of the reason I was so disappointed with this freebie bag. Anyway I told myself I was done with those shampoos, but I had free samples. Only one of them had any appeal to me, and that was the John Frieda Full Repair. I have watched a few videos where girls talk about, and love this product. I was not one of the ones that loved it....I actually hated it. It left a weird feeling on my hair and caused major breakage. My hair has always been...picky? about what shampoo is used. I can't use drugstore shampoos anymore. I currently am using Joico and after ones use of that I noticed my hair was stronger. After I used the john Frieda it once again started breaking, and just wasn't good.

II threw out the other 2 samples because they exploded. I'm impatient and wanted to smell them right away so I opened them all just to smell them. I put them on my vanity, and then one day threw my wallet down on them....explosion.

So those are my thoughts...or maybe this was more or a rant? I don't know. Whatever you want to call it...the point is I didn't like this product. I really wanted to, because it wold be great to be able to buy a shampoo that doesn't cost so much. That didn't happen though. So oh well!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you all had a great weekend.

Review: Loreal Youth Code

The next sample from the Target beauty bag I am going to be talking about is Loreal Youth Code. I was excited to try this product. For awhile now I've been thinking about getting into some anti-aging products. Even though I am only 27. It's never too early to start to try to fight off the aging process.

I only got one use out of this sample, but I loved it right away. It felt really nice going on my skin and didn't just sit there it actually soaked in pretty quickly. I noticed my face felt pretty smooth after applying it, and even the next morning. I was sad I wasn't able to get more uses out of this sample, because I really liked it. This is a product I would have no problem spending my money on. I do plan on purchasing this.

Review: Burt's Bees Day Lotion

Earlier this week I finally received my Target beauty bag. I was excited to try some new products that I wouldn't normally pick up while at a store. Now I know that with as small of an amount as you get as a sample I can't do a complete full review, but I can tell you what my first reaction was to it. So first up...Burt's Bees Day Lotion.

I was very excited to try this lotion. I have never tried any Burt's Bees products other than the lip balm, which i love! This was the first sample that I opened up and gave a try. At first when I opened it I liked the smell, but then as I was rubbing it on my skin I didn't like it anymore. The smell is very odd and hard to describe. not only was the smell not so great, but it made my skin feel sticky.
It's very disappointing that one of the samples I was most excited about was a fail, and i will not be purchasing this.
I really wanted to like this lotion, but i just couldn't do it. I ended up washing it off after having it on for 5 min, because the smell was too much for me to take.
Hopefully if you've tried this lotion you had better luck than I did with it.

Target Beauty Bag

So today I finally received my Target beauty bag. I filmed a video pretty much right away, because I wanted to open it on camera. When I receive anything I can't wait to open it. So here's the video of my opening it, and I hope you all received yours too!

Haul: Kmart, Target, Bath & Body Works

 I have a haul for you today! I am so excited about everything I am going to share with you today. I purchased these things late last week so I have had the chance to use everything.  Ready? Here we go!

The first place I went was Kmart. I only bought one thing, but it's something I wanted so badly! I found it a week earlier, and could not stop thinking about it. So I finally went back to buy it.
 Maybelline's Must Have Mauve lipstick.
I love this color so much! This is kind of different for me.
I never would have thought I would ever buy a purple lipstick,
but what's so great about this one is that there's a pink tone to it.
I honestly can not get enough of this color.
It came out with the fall collection.
So it is limited edition, and I am thinking about going back
to buy another one.
Next I went to Target. 
Where I bought yet another lipstick.
 Soft Nude from Revlon. 
I have wanted this lipstick for so long.
I don't know why it took me so long to buy,
but I'm glad I finally did.

 Next in the dollar section I found this pump bottle.
They had a few different colors, but of course I chose pink.
I put baby shampoo inside the bottle to hopefully
make cleaning my makeup brushes easier, and faster.
It worked! I cleaned my brushes the other night,
and this made it go so much faster.
I'm thinking about going back for a couple more.

I also made a stop at Wal-Mart where I picked up a nail polish.
 I chose Rags To Riches from Rimmel.
This is a gorgeous green shade with a little hint of gold.
This is the kind of color I have been wanting for awhile now.
I can't wait put it on my nails.

Last but certainly not least...Bath & Body Works!
 First up...the next scent from B&BW.
Be Enchanted. This the $1 dollar preview.
This scent is so good!
It reminds me of few different B&BW scents.
I can smell a little Charmed Life, 
Secret Wonderland, and a tiny hint of Dark Kiss.
I have heard people say they can smell Peach Citrus in it as well.
I don't get that at all.
I think this is a great scent, and look at that packaging.
They are on a roll with great scents, and gorgeous packaging.

 I also picked up the Charmed Life body spray.
I actually got this for free with the spend $10 get a free item coupon.
I've mentioned this scent before, and of course I love it.

 Next a picked up a candle. They have a few of their fall items on clearance.
I immediately asked if they had any thing in the Leaves
scent marked down, and the girl told me they had 2 bulb wallflower refills
and that those went VERY fast. So I continued to look around.
I came across the S'mores candle...OH MY GOD!
This candle is absolutely AMAZING!
I couldn't resist I had to have it, and it was marked
down to under $10 so why not?!
 Look at that picture! 
How delicious does that gooey mess look?!
The description couldn't be more perfect. 
I totally smell everything they mention, and to have my home 
smell like S'mores is simply amazing.

So that's it. That's all that I got.
I hope you all enjoyed this haul.
and I hope you had an awesome weekend,
and have an even more awesome week!


It's October and fall is least that's what the calender says. It has been so warm here lately. Temperatures in the 70's and even the 80's. It's crazy! Since it's been so nice I decided to go out and try to get some pictures of the changing leaves. There weren't too many trees that had changed yet, but I thought I should get there since it's also been very windy lately. I wanted to make sure I got a couple pictures before the wind blew all the leaves off. So I wanted to share some of the pictures that I got. I hope you enjoy!

My Latest Addiction...

A few months ago I did a post talking about what I was currently obsessed with. Well I have a new obsession that I just can't get enough of.

I don't know exactly what it is, but lately I've been grabbing more for lipstick rather than my usual lip gloss.
I've been searching just about every beauty site I can think of for lipstick, and currently have a list of about 
20 of them that I want/NEED. My list has gotten so long that I don't even know which ones to  purchase first.
Every time I have gone anywhere lately I run to the makeup section...that's really nothing new, but while there instead of looking at eyeshadow, or mascara I am drawn to lipstick. I just stand there trying to discreetly peel off the plastic so I can swatch it. Shh don't tell anyone. I have gone lipstick crazy! 
I have a feeling the next time I go shopping with money in my pocket it's going to be a long one, as I will probably re-swatch colors I've already swatched. 
I can't wait til I am able to purchase so that I can start crossing names off of my list, and I can't wait to share with you the colors I've chosen. 

Random - Cat Cuteness

It's been a lazy Saturday at our house. We've been in all day just trying to catch up some of our shows we had DVR'd. While doing that I took some picture of our cats, and I've really been wanting to blog so I thought I would share them with you.

 Chewy (the white one) & T laying in the window together.
All I can think of when I see this picture
Is the song from the 80's commercial for My Buddy.
Which is funny because we have a feeling most 
of the time they don't like eachother.

 Chewy...pretty much sums up the kind of day it's been in our house.

 Love this picture! 
Adam actually took  this one.

 Another one Adam took.
I'm kind of jealous I didn't take them,
because I love both so much.

 T. And yes that really is his name.
That right there is my baby. 
While they're all my babies, and I love them dearly
T holds an extra special place in my heart.

 T again. Laying on his apron.
Last summer I found a kid size Lowe's Apron .
I bought it for 25 cents and thought it would be funny
to put it on the kids I watch.
That didn't work out.
T instantly claimed it as his...which he does with 
just everything new he sees us bring in the house.

And finally my baby showing his momma some love. 

Now as I'm writing this T is on the couch next to me sleeping,
and Adam is on our other couch sleeping as well.
I guess this means it's nap time at our house.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

September Non-Beauty Favorites

We are quickly nearing the end of September. 
Which means it is time again for my non-beauty favorites.
So let's not waste anytime, and get started!

The first favorite I guess you could kind of consider beauty related.
It's a lipstick lamp!
I found this at Target in their college section.
The original price of this lamp was $25.
Which to me is WAY too much. 
So I waited until it went on clearance.
I got it for just over $6!
I am so happy to finally have this lamp!
I never really plug it in and have it on, though, it's more for decoration.

 Next on the list...owls.
Owls seems to be popping every I go lately.
So I have been loving my owl clock.
This clock actually belonged to my grandparents.
I remember being a little girl, and spending the night
there with my brother, and cousin.
I remember I would just lay there and listen to the ticking of the clock.
While it might not the most attractive thing to some, 
and really isn't anything I would pick out if I saw it in a store
I love it.

 Now get ready for some hello kitty.
First is this cute little wristlet.
My brother actually bought this for me the day I lost my job.
I kept telling him he didn't have to, but he didn't listen.
i love this thing! It's cute, and so much easier to carry 
than my huge HK purse.

Next is this cute little HK bag that Adam actually found at a garage sale.
He called me one day on his way home from work,
and told me about a sale he was going to stop at.
He ended not getting what he thought he wanted.
He saw this bag though, and got it for me.
It shocked me that he would get me something HK.
Mainly because he thinks I'm too old for it.
Now I would never use this bag out in public,
but if traveling I think it would make a great makeup bag.

And one more HK. It was just a HK filled month!
Once again from Adam.
During one of our midnight runs to Wal-Mart
I spotted this cute HK holding a cupcake!
2 of my favorites things together....purrfect! 
ha get it? kitty? purr?
Anyway I had to have it so he got it for me.

Finally. A food favorite.
One of my favorite cereals is 
Cap'n Crunch w/ crunch berries.
So when I spotted the Oops All Berries....
of course I had to have it.
This cereal is so yummy!
Of course it's not the healthiest choice...but I love it!

And those are all my non-beauty favorites for the month of September.
I hope you all had a great month of September!
See you again in October with more favorites.

Haul: Ulta, Drugstore, Target, Bath & Body Works

Late last week I did some shopping. I went to a few different places, and found some great stuff!! I filmed the Haul on Friday and finally got it uploaded tonight. Hope you all have had a great weekend, and have a great week! <3

Ok...So I Was Wrong....

So back in June I uploaded a review on my YouTube Channel on the Philosophy Purity Cleanser. In the review I said that my $4 cleanser was just as good and this more expensive one, and that Purity wasn't worth the price. I also said that I would never spend $20 on the full size product. Well a couple months have gone by, and I have given this cleanser another chance. I have to say this time around things are completely different. I love this cleanser! I love it so much that I am considering buying the full size bottle! Now since discovering that I was wrong and was too quick to judge this product..I have deleted the review video. I think at the time I was still thinking more of the price tag rather than the actual product.Again I do admit that I was wrong about this product. I really have enjoyed it, and can't wait to purchase the full size! So glad that I gave this another chance.

August Favorites - Non Beauty

So earlier today I filmed and uploaded my August Favorites video. It is posted down below if you haven't seen it. I have wanted to do something where I talk about my favorites for that month that are not beauty related. So I am going to post that on my blog. so at the end of the month you can expect a link to my beauty favorites video followed by a non beauty favorites blog post. I am excited to talk about what I have been loving. So let's get started!

Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I have heard so many girls talk about this movie.
So one day at Wal-Mart I saw it for $5, 
and thought why not? 
So I picked it up. 
I loved this movie! 
If you haven't seen must!

 OMG Nutella!
I can't believe I didn't try this sooner!
It is simply...amazing!
The first time I tried it I felt like i was 
eating frosting...on bread.
It was good on it's own, but when I
paired it with bananas....HEAVEN! 

After months of wanting this CD I finally decided 
this month to pick it up.
I love just about every song on this album.
I love Katy Perry, and I could
probably do an entire blog post on my love for her.
Seriously though I am very happy
with this album, and have been playing it non stop in my car.
Favorite songs... Circle the Drain, and E.T.
By far the best songs to blast!

Cute kitten on a notebook!
I showed this in a recent haul.
I found this at Target in their dollar section
and just had to have it!
I mean really...who could resist this?

And those were some of my favorites for the month of August.
I didn't have too many, but hopefully next month I have more.
Hope you enjoyed this!

25 Facts About Me

So I was looking through the notes section on my Facebook and saw I posted 25 random facts about me about 2 years ago on there. So I thought I would do an updated one here. so let's begin!

1. My favorite color is pink

2. I am a total hello kitty addcit

3. I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 years

4. I love listening to loud music while driving & singing at the top of my lungs

5. I got my first tattoo when I was 24

6. I strongly dislike fake people

7. My dream vacation...Paris

8. I love photography

9. I completely messed up my high school years, and wish I could go back and do it again

10. I'm very emotional

11. I used to be terrified of I have 3

12. I don't like to watch TV

13. I love being outdoors

14. This is harder than I thought it would be

15. I love going to parks and playing on the swings

16. When I was 16 I literally ran down the school hallway and out to my car and left. They had the cops out looking for me.

!7. When I was 17 I smoked my first cigarette

18. When I was 20 I quit smoking

19. I met my boyfriend online and went to meet him for the first time at his family's farm house at 10 o'clock at dad thought I was at a friends house.

20. I hoped to be married and/or have a baby by age 25. I am now 27 and don't have either.

21. I am going to try to this end this thing on a lighter note.

22. My favorite place to shop is Target

23. My favorite flower is a lily

24. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be macaroni & cheese

25. My family means everything to me.

Haul: Bath & Body Works and Ulta

I did a little shopping today, and thought I would share with you what I got.

Let's start with Bath & Body Works. Today they held a special event for the release of their new scent Paris Amour. During this event with any signature item purchase you got a free gift. The free gift is amazing, but we'll get to that.

Of course my signature item choice was the
 Paris Amour fragrance mist.
I absolutely love this scent.
 This is the free gift.
A very cute pink makeup bag.

 I love the little Eiffel Tower charm.
And what was in the bag?

 A full size lotion of the newest scent Charmed life!
Let me tell you this scent...
This is how B&BW describes the scent.
"A positively sexy blend of juicy guava, sparkling pear,
and creamy vanilla musk, inspired by taking chances,
having fun and savoring life's fabulous moments."
There isn't anything about this scent that I dislike.

The next stop was Ulta. 
Of couse I can't take a trip to Ulta without making 
some kind of NYX purchase.
So I picked up a lipstick.

I chose Summer Love.

Summer Love is a nice nude lipstick
(what other color would I go for?)
I think I swatched about every NYX lipstick 
while in the store, and probably stood in the
NYX section for a good 20 I usually do.
Finally I spotted Summer Love, and fell in love.

After I finally made up my mind on the lipstick
I started wandering around the store.
I found a section of Ulta brand products that were marked down.
Of course I had to stop!
I found this really pretty nail polish.
It's a gold color, and it's gorgeous!
It's the exact kind of color I have been wanting.

So that's it! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you were also 
able to get into Bath & Body Works today!