November Favorites!

While I might be a few days early it is time for monthly favorites. I haven't had very many favorites to talk about the past few months. Which would explain why I haven't posted about anything. This month I decided that I really wanted to do one of these posts again. I found a few products that I have been obsessing over this month. Some I have mentioned before and some are newer products.

 First up is the ELF Kabuki brush. I have wanted this brush for awhile now,
and finally decided to pick up during one of my trips to Target.
I was very impressed with how soft this brush is. I absolutely love it!
For the price of $6 you just can't beat it! I love using this brush on my face to apply powder/

 Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara.
The first time I used this mascara I hated it. 
I decided to give a second chance, though, and after some time I fell in love!
I love what this does to my lashes. I love the volume it gives and how 
well is separates them. I am so glad I gave this mascara another chance.

 Maybelline Eye Shadow Quad in Dainty Peach.
I'm pretty sure this was a limited edition quad for Spring or Summer.
I picked mine up a couple months back on clearance at Walgreens.
I love using the peachy shade all over my lid and the brown in the middle in the crease,
and the lightest shade as a highlight. I haven't played with the deeper brown shade yet.
I love the look I get from using these shadows.
The pigmentation isn't the best but that's where the next product comes in.

 NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil in Milk.
I have wanted this for so long, and for some reason never bought it. 
I would always look at it when I was in Ulta, but never really felt the need for it.
Now I am glad I bought it. I love how it can make a more dull eyeshadow really stand out.
I use this mostly as a base, but also love to put in the inner corner of my eyes.

 Cover Girl Liquiline Blast.
Can you say AMAZING!? 
This eyeliner is super creamy and smooth. i just love the way it glides on.
It stays with me through a good part of the day. 

 EOS Vanilla lip balm.
I don't remember the exact name for this, but I can tell you it was part of the 
Alice In Wonderland trio.
I have been waiting for EOS to release a vanilla lip balm.
So when I saw they were going to have one I had to get it! 
i love the other flavors that came in this set as well,
but this is definitely the standout for me.

 Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess.
I have never been much of a bronzer user, but this came in a set I got from Ulta
that came with one of the Amazonian Clay blushes.. so I thought I would try it out.
I love how light this bronzer is, and how well it works with my incredibly pale skin.
I can honestly say that when this runs out I will absolutely buy the full size.

 ELF Blush in Mellow Mauve. 
Again some I've looked at for awhile.
I was going to buy this over the Spring, but I thought it seems like a better Fall/Winter color. So I waited.
I love the color of the blush so much! Gorgeous.
I really can't get over how great ELF blushes are, and for only $3!!

 Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet.
Completely out of my comfort zone, and completely opposite of my everyday nude lip.
I love this color so much. i love how you can wear it sheer or you can wear it to be more bold.
I just can't get over how beautiful this color is.
If only it tasted like red velvet!

 Forever Red from Bath & Body Works.
This is their newest scent that they spent a few months hyping up.
I can tell you it was well worth all the hype.
This is a much more mature scent than most of their other scents.
I'm horrible at describing scents, sorry.

Cashmere Glow body lotion.
I have been using this lotion every night and I just love the soft scent it has.
I've used it so much my pillow and sheets have taken on the scent as well.. it's pretty amazing.

So those are my favorites for the month of November.
I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you had a great month.

Putting Up The Christmas Tree & Small Black Friday Haul

Hey everyone! First I want to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Mine was great! I survived my first year being the cook of everything.

I thought I would share our Christmas tree with you and follow it up with a small haul of things I purchased last night. So here we go!!

 First of all before starting any decorating I had to make myself a cup 
of hot chocolate with my new Keurig. If you don't follow me on
Twitter or Instagram then you don't know.
I have wanted a Keurig FOREVER! The price has been what's kept
me away for so long, but earlier this week 
I finally decided to just do it, and I am so glad I did.

 Out Christmas tree!
Yes, our tree topper is an old Coke bottle.
Every year Coke comes out with special bottles that are small and round.
We thought it would be funny to make it out tree topper a few year ago,
and ever since then it's just stuck with us.

 I have to share the photo I posted to Instagram, because I forgot to take a 
single picture of the ornament in the middle.
The leg lamp from A Christmas Story.
We couldn't resist... we had to have it.
I mean who wouldn't want a leg lamp ornament?

 T approved!
Every year we put the tree up he just loves to lay underneath it.
He looked so cute under there I had to share a picture.

Now onto Black Friday!
We started out by going to Wal-Mart because they were having a sale where select DVD's where only $2.
We pushed our way through the store and finally found what we wanted.

Next we went to Target.
This is where things started to suck..haha.
The line wrapped around to the middle on the back side of the store.
They weren't opening until 9 so we stood out in front waiting.. we were NOT going to
search for the end of the line.
Finally we saw the end and ran to get in line.
After we got in the store we once again had to push our way through,
and once again were looking for DVD's. Target's deal on select DVD's...$1.
Unfortunately Adam only found 2 that he wanted. I picked up 2 CD's
but didn't think they would be interesting enough to take a picture of.
If you're wondering what I picked up, though, I bought Carrie Underwood's new CD Blown Away,
and also Luke Bryan's Tailgates & Tanlines. What can I say I'm a country girl.
And on we went to get into line to check out..WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
The check out line started toward the back of the store, and after awhile we ended up having to zig zag through different aisles.. I honestly don't know how long we were actually in line
but I know it was too long. Finally we paid and got the heck out of there!

We then came home and waited for Bath & Body Works to open up at midnight.
While they weren't having any different sales than usual the idea of being in there at midnight seemed kinda of fun to me. We got there and saw only a few people waiting to get in.
The longest line at our mall was Victoria's Secret. Thankfully I wasn't going there.
So into Bath & Body Works we went and here is what I bought.

They were doing their 2 for $20 candle deal so obviously I had to get some.
I picked up Spiced Apple Toddy for me and Sandlewood Vanilla for my mom.
I also picked up a foaming hand soap in Winter Cranberry, but again didn't think it would 
be interesting enough to take a picture of.

We planned on leaving after I was done in there, but then I saw a sign outside of Maurices where 
certain items were up to 75% off... I had to check that out.
The 75% off racks were pretty crappy..haha.
I did see, though, that everything else in the store was 30% off, 
and then I found this....
I am so in love with this sweater! 
I am hoping to do an OOTD when I wear it.
So hopefully I can get that done for you.

And that completes this insanely long post.
I don't think I have ever posted a blog this long before.. 
First time for everything!

Anyway.. I hope you all had a great holiday yesterday and if you went out and braved Black Friday
I hope you found some amazing deals!

Lip Stick Haul - Cover Girl, MAC, and Revlon

 So I've developed a bit of an addiction to lip products lately. 
I've bought 4 new colors in the last 2 weeks, which for me is not a normal thing.
So I thought I would share with you what I've picked up recently.

 First up is Delight from Cover Girl.
This is a beautiful pink shade. Very different from other pinks I own.
This one is a bit darker.

 This is a very exciting product for me.
This is Creme Cup from MAC.
I made my first MAC purchase a couple weeks ago,
and I couldn't be happier with the products I picked up.
I love this color so much, and have had my eye on it for awhile.
This is a typical pink shade that I would chose, but I just couldn't resist.

 I also picked up Myth. Another color I have wanted for awhile now.
This is a nude color.. nothing special really, but I love it.
One thing I really love about the MAC lip sticks is the smell and the taste.
That vanilla scent is so yummy! I love it.

 Last is a Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet.
This color is completely out of my comfort zone, but it's such a pretty color.
The nice thing about this color is you can wear it sheer which, of course, is how I've been wearing it.
It's going to take some time getting use to wearing a color this dark, but I think 
I can make it work. I'm very excited to wear this color for the holidays.

So that's it!
I hope you enjoyed seeing what lip sticks I've picked up recently.

Top 10 Holy Grail Products

Happy hump day! It's the middle of the week which means we're getting closer to another weekend. Yay!

Today I wanted to share with you my Top 10 holy grail makeup products.
So let's not waste time..on to the products!

 First up Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation.
Now I haven't had this for very long, but I've had it long enough to know I can't live without it.
This foundation give a nice, clean, beautiful finish.
I just can't say enough good things about it.

Maybelline Dream Matte Power.
This powder just gives the perfect finishing touch to your look.
Very light and just gorgeous.

 NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette.
I've clearly hit pan on 2 of the colors, and while those are my favorites 
this entire palette is just great for everyday simple looks.

 EOS Lip Balm. This is the Strawberry Sorbet.
I love using any of the EOS lip balms before applying any lip color.
They keep my lips soft and  smooth.

 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer.
This stuff is amazing. Great coverage and blends super easy.

 L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.
This mascara gives my lashes great volume and I just love it.

ELF Blush Candid Coral.
Obviously I love this blush. This is such a pretty peachy coral color.
I love how it lights up the face and give a nice sheen or color.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Bold Gold.
This is the only Color Tattoo I have and I love it.
I look forward to buying more. The wear of this is great.
Holds up very well through just about anything. For hot summer days this is perfect.
I've even worn it through a shower and it stuck with me.

ELF Eyelid Primer. This is a great primer for $1.
I honestly don't see the need to try more expensive primers.
Even though there are a couple I'd love to try someday.
For now this gets the job done. It holds my shadows nicely.

Lastly..NYX Sweetheart lip gloss.
Now you didn't think I could do a holy grail post without mentioning this did you?
This is by far my favorite lip gloss. I love the color, the way it feels on the lips, and the scent of these are awesome! I've heard a few girls complain about the scent, but I love it.

And those my holy grail products.
What are some products you can't live without?

Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for reading!

What's In My Makeup Bag?

 Yesterday I shared with you what I keep in my purse.
Today I wanted to share what's in my makeup bag.
I got this makeup bag when I sent for one of the last 
Beauty Bags from Target. This bag is so fun and bright.
Perfect for summer.
Now let's find out what's inside!


 2 hair ties. I always make sure to keep some kind of hair tie with me.
It seems whenever I wear my hair down (which is rare) I always end up putting it into a pony tail.

 My Hello Kitty mirror - I have had that thing for YEARS. I love it.
EOS Strawberry lotion. - Smells super yummy.
Nail clippers. - Had these since I was 14... been saying for years I need to replace them.

 My favorite part... Lip Products!!
Starting from the left...
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
Revlon Colorburst in Pink Sugar
3 mini essence glosses.. no names.
Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Cotton Candy
Burt's Bees lip balm in Pink Grapefruit.

So that's it. That's what I carry in my makeup bag.
I've actually down sized it A LOT. 
So now I just keep with me the things that I actually use.
What do you keep in your makeup bag?

Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

What's In My Purse?

 Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to share what I keep in my purse. I love being nosy and watching these videos on YouTube. So I thought I would let you all be nosy and see what's in mine. Let's get started.

 First the bag. I got this bag from Target about a month and a half ago. I instantly fell in love with it and had to have it. It's a pretty mint green color. I have been LOVING mint this Summer. I purchased it for $25, but last time I checked my store they had them marked down 50% off!!

Now on to what's inside!

Starting at the top left...
Hello Kitty Planner
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac in Cilantro Peach
Phone. I have the Droid 3
Sunglasses. Both the glasses and case are from Target
Blue Makeup bag. Just girl personal girl items in there
Striped makeup makeup. I'll share where in there in a separate post.
Summer Fruit EOS
Beauty coupons from Target
Hello Kitty note pad
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Sephora mirror.

So that's what I keep in my purse.
What do you keep in yours?

Hope you enjoyed.
Have a great week!

July Favorites

It is once again that time of the month... no not THAT! It is time for monthly favorites! I just love talking about my favorite products for the month and this month I have some amazing things to share with you. So let's cut the chit chat and get right to it.

 First up is the Dove Cream Oil Intensive Moisture Body Lotion.
I've had this for awhile and for the longest time it was way in the back of a shelf.
This is a favorite because of Adam.
One night he was looking for a lotion and this was the only "non girly" one I had.
While he was putting it on I noticed the scent was pretty good.
So I used it the next day after my shower, and I swear to you
the scent was with me from that morning until I was ready to go to bed.
Not only is the scent pretty good, but this made my skin so incredibly soft.
I absolutely love this stuff and cannot stop using it.

 Next is NYX lipgloss in Beige.
The name of this is funny to a lot of people because it isn't beige at all.
This is a beautiful pink lipgloss. I love this color so much and have been 
grabbing for it a lot this month. 

 L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss in Sunset.
I actually found this at Target on clearence for less than $5. Score!
I am so in love with gloss. I love the color and the staying power is awesome.
I wouldn't say it stays with me for 8 hours like it claims, but it does a last a decent amount of time.

 Dove Body Mist in Cucumber & Green Tea.
The only words I can think of to describe this stuff is..
This stuff smells amazing! I got a tiny little bottle when I purchased the deodorant in this scent.
I could not stop sniffing the bottle of this stuff the night I got it..haha.
I love this scent so much. It's a very nice, light, clean scent.
Perfect for summer.

 ELF Golden Bronzer. I've had this for awhile and have finally been getting some use out of it this month.
After seeing a video on YouTube on how someone else used it I thought "Hey I'm gonna give that a shot."
So I did and now I love it. I don't use this as a's WAY too shimmery for that.
I do, however, use it on my cheeks in place of blush sometimes. Or I use the lightest color (bottom left) 
as a highlight. This shade it great for highlighting, and any of these shades would be.. depending on your sking color. I'm very happy that I finally am getting some use of out this.

 ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzer.
I've looked at this product many times, and finally decided to buy it.
A lot of people compare this to the NARS Orgasm and Laguna duo.
While I can't say how the bronzers compare I can say this blush is NOTHING like Orgasm.
This is a lighter more pink shade where Orgasm is a deeper peachier shade.
I do love this duo though. I mainly use the blush but I am slowly working myself into using bronzers.

 Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation.
Holy $h!t is this stuff amazing!
This is BY FAR my standout favorite of the month.
I haven't been using it long...only about a week, but that's long enough for me.
The texture is very hard to describe. 
I've seen someone describe it as feeling like pudding, and I think that's a very good description.
I love how it feels going on my skin, and how it feels to touch my face after applied.
It stays with me all day (not sure about the 24 hour claim... no one should test that out).
It's been VERY hot where I live lately and this has held up very well during those days.
This in my opinion is a must try product!

 Wet 'N' Wild Megalast nail Polish in Sugar Coat.
I've been wearing this a lot this month.
This is a beautiful light pink.
This polish is simply amazing. It lasted a little over a week before I took it off.
For $1.99 you just can't beat that. For me this polish lasts longer than my more expensive polishes.
I can't wait to try more colors from this line.

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you had a great month!