My Latest Addiction...

I don't know what it is, but I am completely obsessed with this stuff lately.
I'm pretty sure it started the first time I smelled 
the Cotton Candy candle from Bath & body Works.
And's sold out everywhere.
Last night I even went to Wal-Marts website, and did a search for cotton candy.
Which is where I found cotton candy yogurt!
It's actually the GoGurt packs that are meant for kids...
but I don't care! 
So of course i picked some up today.
Next I had a body spray when I was younger that was by Body Fantasies.
Any guesses what the scent was?
So while at Wal-Mart I looked for it..
and found it!
I didn't buy it though, but I'm sure I will very soon.
So yeah my obsession is getting to the point where if the words cotton candy are on it...
I have to have it!
Here's a few more things cotton candy I need to get my hands on...soon!

 Lip Smackers Cotton Candy.
Because who doesn't want cotton candy
flavored lip balm?

Opi Coney Island Cotton Candy.
I'm not sure if this was a limited edition color
or permanent color, but I do know
it is super pretty & I need it!

Orly Cotton Candy.
I found this polish during my recent trip to Ulta.
It is super pretty & I should have bought it.
The reason I didn't though was
because I thought I could probably get it a little 
cheaper at Sally's. 
I had no luck with that...they didn't have it!
I love this color though & of course the name!
Again...I need it!

So that's it for my "Cotton Candy Wish List" ...for now. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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  1. Omg.. I looooooooveeeeeeeee cotton candy. LOVE it. It's like fluffy deliciousness in my mouth. EVERY time I see it somewhere I make Chris buy a bag for me.

    I was so sad when we went to Six Flags because they didn't have funnel cake OR cotton candy. What is that?! :(