Ok...So I Was Wrong....

So back in June I uploaded a review on my YouTube Channel on the Philosophy Purity Cleanser. In the review I said that my $4 cleanser was just as good and this more expensive one, and that Purity wasn't worth the price. I also said that I would never spend $20 on the full size product. Well a couple months have gone by, and I have given this cleanser another chance. I have to say this time around things are completely different. I love this cleanser! I love it so much that I am considering buying the full size bottle! Now since discovering that I was wrong and was too quick to judge this product..I have deleted the review video. I think at the time I was still thinking more of the price tag rather than the actual product.Again I do admit that I was wrong about this product. I really have enjoyed it, and can't wait to purchase the full size! So glad that I gave this another chance.

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