Current Wants - March 2012

 The Hello Kitty Patent Embossed Bag.
I've always looked at this purse and thought it was cute.
But then I saw they now have a mint color one.
I am absolutely dying for this bag!
Look at it! All I can think about when I see this bag
is ice cream.. i just want to lick it!!
 Look at these shoes. 
Tell me they aren't the coolest thing ever! 
I found these at Kmart last weekend 
and just about died when I saw them.
Love. These. Shoes.

 The Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette.
This is available at Sephora.
It's part of the spring collection.
Which is Paris theme...which means
once again I am dying for this!
I love anything Paris.
And once it's paired with Hello Kitty
I'm trying to wait until this goes on sale.
It's cute but I just can't bring myself to pay the $42.
 Katy Perry Purr perfume. 
If you know anything about me then you know 
I absolutely love Katy Perry.
I'm really surprised I don't have this perfume yet
considering just how much I do love her. 
I've smelled just about every time I've gone into Ulta.
Smells Amazing.

 Butter London now has lip gloss!
The color I am most interested in is Teddy Girl.
It's gorgeous. 

 Sephora by OPI nail in It's My Pink!
This part of the Betsy Johnson nail polish collection.
Not only is this color gorgeous but,

Which brings me to my next want. 
Betsy Johnson's Too Too perfume.
I smelled this last time I was at Sephora and fell in love.
And just look at that bottle.
Is that not the cutest perfume bottle EVER?
Love it!

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  1. I want a Hello Kitty Patent purse too and that color is gorgeous!! Now I can't choose between the Hot Pink or that one!!!