Haul: Bath & Body Works

So today I went to Bath & Body Works. I went there looking for one thing, but of course like most of my trips to B&BW I always find more to buy than I went there for. So I thought I would share with you what I bought. Normally I would do this as a video, but I only got a few things so it wasn't worth it to me to turn the camera on. Anyway..lets get to the haul!

 The goods.

 The first thing I got was a Scentportable. I love these!
I like to put them in my car for an air freshener, and they last a really long time.
I'm not really the kind of girl to be into skulls and things like that, but the scent with this one
is frosted cupcake. Which is one of my favorites!
So I had to get it, and it's pink with a cute little bow. 

 Next I got a PocketBac in Vanilla Berry Sorbet.
This is one of their newer scents, and it smells so good!
I love it.

 I also got another Pocketbac in Japanese Cherry Blossom.
This has been one of my favorites for awhile.
I love this scent in the hand soap, and I'm really surprised 
I've never had the pocketbac before.
This scent is great though.
Highly recommend it.

And now the reason for my trip.
The preview for the new scent Paris Amour.
I can not begin to tell you how excited I am for this scent!
I love anything Paris. So when I heard about this scent I of course got excited.
I've been hoping that when I finally got the chance to smell it that I would like it.
I am very happy to say this scent is AMAZING!
I believe the full collection comes out August 15, and you can bet I'll be buying the entire collection.
That packaging for this scent is beautiful!

So that's it' That was my little haul.
Wasn't much but I am very pleased with everything
I purchased today.

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