August Favorites - Non Beauty

So earlier today I filmed and uploaded my August Favorites video. It is posted down below if you haven't seen it. I have wanted to do something where I talk about my favorites for that month that are not beauty related. So I am going to post that on my blog. so at the end of the month you can expect a link to my beauty favorites video followed by a non beauty favorites blog post. I am excited to talk about what I have been loving. So let's get started!

Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I have heard so many girls talk about this movie.
So one day at Wal-Mart I saw it for $5, 
and thought why not? 
So I picked it up. 
I loved this movie! 
If you haven't seen must!

 OMG Nutella!
I can't believe I didn't try this sooner!
It is simply...amazing!
The first time I tried it I felt like i was 
eating frosting...on bread.
It was good on it's own, but when I
paired it with bananas....HEAVEN! 

After months of wanting this CD I finally decided 
this month to pick it up.
I love just about every song on this album.
I love Katy Perry, and I could
probably do an entire blog post on my love for her.
Seriously though I am very happy
with this album, and have been playing it non stop in my car.
Favorite songs... Circle the Drain, and E.T.
By far the best songs to blast!

Cute kitten on a notebook!
I showed this in a recent haul.
I found this at Target in their dollar section
and just had to have it!
I mean really...who could resist this?

And those were some of my favorites for the month of August.
I didn't have too many, but hopefully next month I have more.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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