Victoria's Secret Dupe?

Today I was browsing around Wal-Mart and came across a body mist. The name of the mist caught my eye because it reminded me of Victoria's Secret, and then I smelled it. Yep! This most definitely is a dupe for VS's Dream Angels Heavenly body mist. I quickly decided that I was absolutely NOT leaving the store without this spray.

Naughty & Nice Heavenly Love - This is a very nice scent. It's a bit more perfume-y than the VS spray..a stronger scent to start with. I did spray it on my right arm and sprayed the VS on my left to compare them. After I let Heavenly Love dry down it got softer and more true to the Dream Angels spray. I like this scent but I did notice it doesn't last very long at all.

VS Dream Angels Heavenly - This has been a long time favorite. I love how soft and sexy this scent is. It's a nice light scent but still noticeable. I love how it doesn't change too much from the time you spray it on. It's still with me just as it was when I sprayed it a few hours ago.

All in all both are great! The VS spray does have a softer initial scent and stays with you longer than Heavenly Love. HL is great though. If you don't want to pay the extra cash for the VS spray then this is a good option. Once it has time to dry down it much truer to VS. Either way you're getting a great smelling body spray.



  1. My mom loves Dream Angels Heavenly I have to tell her about this!

  2. Does it come in body wash or lotion?