Putting Up The Christmas Tree & Small Black Friday Haul

Hey everyone! First I want to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Mine was great! I survived my first year being the cook of everything.

I thought I would share our Christmas tree with you and follow it up with a small haul of things I purchased last night. So here we go!!

 First of all before starting any decorating I had to make myself a cup 
of hot chocolate with my new Keurig. If you don't follow me on
Twitter or Instagram then you don't know.
I have wanted a Keurig FOREVER! The price has been what's kept
me away for so long, but earlier this week 
I finally decided to just do it, and I am so glad I did.

 Out Christmas tree!
Yes, our tree topper is an old Coke bottle.
Every year Coke comes out with special bottles that are small and round.
We thought it would be funny to make it out tree topper a few year ago,
and ever since then it's just stuck with us.

 I have to share the photo I posted to Instagram, because I forgot to take a 
single picture of the ornament in the middle.
The leg lamp from A Christmas Story.
We couldn't resist... we had to have it.
I mean who wouldn't want a leg lamp ornament?

 T approved!
Every year we put the tree up he just loves to lay underneath it.
He looked so cute under there I had to share a picture.

Now onto Black Friday!
We started out by going to Wal-Mart because they were having a sale where select DVD's where only $2.
We pushed our way through the store and finally found what we wanted.

Next we went to Target.
This is where things started to suck..haha.
The line wrapped around to the middle on the back side of the store.
They weren't opening until 9 so we stood out in front waiting.. we were NOT going to
search for the end of the line.
Finally we saw the end and ran to get in line.
After we got in the store we once again had to push our way through,
and once again were looking for DVD's. Target's deal on select DVD's...$1.
Unfortunately Adam only found 2 that he wanted. I picked up 2 CD's
but didn't think they would be interesting enough to take a picture of.
If you're wondering what I picked up, though, I bought Carrie Underwood's new CD Blown Away,
and also Luke Bryan's Tailgates & Tanlines. What can I say I'm a country girl.
And on we went to get into line to check out..WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
The check out line started toward the back of the store, and after awhile we ended up having to zig zag through different aisles.. I honestly don't know how long we were actually in line
but I know it was too long. Finally we paid and got the heck out of there!

We then came home and waited for Bath & Body Works to open up at midnight.
While they weren't having any different sales than usual the idea of being in there at midnight seemed kinda of fun to me. We got there and saw only a few people waiting to get in.
The longest line at our mall was Victoria's Secret. Thankfully I wasn't going there.
So into Bath & Body Works we went and here is what I bought.

They were doing their 2 for $20 candle deal so obviously I had to get some.
I picked up Spiced Apple Toddy for me and Sandlewood Vanilla for my mom.
I also picked up a foaming hand soap in Winter Cranberry, but again didn't think it would 
be interesting enough to take a picture of.

We planned on leaving after I was done in there, but then I saw a sign outside of Maurices where 
certain items were up to 75% off... I had to check that out.
The 75% off racks were pretty crappy..haha.
I did see, though, that everything else in the store was 30% off, 
and then I found this....
I am so in love with this sweater! 
I am hoping to do an OOTD when I wear it.
So hopefully I can get that done for you.

And that completes this insanely long post.
I don't think I have ever posted a blog this long before.. 
First time for everything!

Anyway.. I hope you all had a great holiday yesterday and if you went out and braved Black Friday
I hope you found some amazing deals!

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