NYX 12 Year Sale

So I'm sure you all heard about the special 12 year anniversary sale NYX was planning on having this past sunday. Well..things didn't go as planned. The site was down pretty much all day. I was able to get on to the front page and then when I would click on what I wanted it would crash. This is what a lot of people were experiencing, and of course it upset a lot of people. Now I want to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE NYX products. The lip glosses are amazing - pretty much all I use.

Now with that said...I am very disappointed with this company right now. They had so many people excited for an amazing deal and great products, and then no one can get to it. You would think they would have expected a lot of people trying to get on at once and try to be prepared for it. They were not. In my opinion I think the sale never even happened. A lot of people, on Sunday. were calling it a "scam". Maybe it was. After all I haven't seen one comment where someone said they actually got through.

Then Sunday night. They post on Facebook that they will be giving a coupon code Monday morning for 50% off and free shipping. Even though that was not the promised sale I was willing to take it. So they told us to watch for the code Monday morning..which I did. Monday afternoon I get back on my computer and see that they have posted in order to get the coupon code you must email them with all your information and feedback...are you kidding me?!

This is where I really started to get angry. So first they promise a sale that seems to have never happened and then promised a coupon code...but at the last minute let us know we have to email them to get it. What is this company doing?! I have never in my life seen a company be so unprofessional. I am so disgusted with the way they have acted and treated their customers. There was a lot of talk on Facebook that they were deleting negative comments written to them. Can't say I blame them for not wanting negativity out there about the company, but if you don't want it then don't cause it by lying to us. Also it was very strange to me how all of Sunday the site didn't work, and maybe that was because of so many people trying to get on at the same time...doubt it. Magically on Monday afternoon after the sale was over NYX all of a sudden has a brand new look to their site!! Hmm..fishy! So was the site down due to traffic? Or was it down because they were working on updating the look? Was the sale a scam? Sadly we will never know. But it is very weird to me how it all happened.

So now here we are...as far as I know no one got makeup for $1.20 and no one has received their coupon. I could say that I will no longer support this company by buying products, but I would be lying. I don't plan on never touching another NYX product. They are too amazing to pass up..LIP GLOSS! But seriously I am disappointed right now and I wish things would have gone differently. Now if the sale really did happen and you were actually able to make a purchase..congratulations. For the rest of us we have to deal with the disappointed and move on. 

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