Review: Bath & Body Works - The Coconuts

I was super excited for this collection to come out. The one I was most excited for..Coconut Mango. So what do I think of this collection? Was the Mango one worth the excitement? Keep reading!

Coconut Passionfruit: This was probably the one I was least excited for. Part of me didn't even want to try it because I completely hated Fiji Passionfruit. The coconut in this scent, though, makes it a really good one. I really do like this scent a lot, and I'm glad I gave it a chance. Now I've said before that I am HORRIBLE at describing scents. All I can say is passionfruit and coconut are beautiful together! I plan on buying full size of this scent.

Coconut Mango: Ah the one I wanted to try most of all and expected to fall in love with...FAIL! There is just something about this scent that I can only describe as..yucky. You know the smell of walking into a salon where someone is getting a perm done? It reminds me of that and at times it's even reminded me of peanut butter..weird i know. I'm so disappointed in this one as I am obsessed with mango. B&BW failed on this one. I will NOT purchase full size of this scent.

Coconut Pineapple: Say hello to the shocker of the bunch. This scent is AMAZING! At first I wasn't sure. Pineapple? On my body? Hmmm. Again glad I gave it a chance! This is my favorite of the 3. This is the most perfect summer scent. Coconut and pineapple? Come on that screams SUMMER! I love this scent and can't get enough of it. Will 100% be buying full size everything of this scent. Love it!

I hope this helped. Even a little. I know I'm no good at telling about scents but I try. Best thing to do though is go smell them for yourself. Go try them out while they're only $1!

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  1. I'm not a fan of coconut, but when it's mixed with pineapple, I think it could be really good. I'll have to smell this in the store.
    - Mary