Haul: Kmart, Target, Bath & Body Works

 I have a haul for you today! I am so excited about everything I am going to share with you today. I purchased these things late last week so I have had the chance to use everything.  Ready? Here we go!

The first place I went was Kmart. I only bought one thing, but it's something I wanted so badly! I found it a week earlier, and could not stop thinking about it. So I finally went back to buy it.
 Maybelline's Must Have Mauve lipstick.
I love this color so much! This is kind of different for me.
I never would have thought I would ever buy a purple lipstick,
but what's so great about this one is that there's a pink tone to it.
I honestly can not get enough of this color.
It came out with the fall collection.
So it is limited edition, and I am thinking about going back
to buy another one.
Next I went to Target. 
Where I bought yet another lipstick.
 Soft Nude from Revlon. 
I have wanted this lipstick for so long.
I don't know why it took me so long to buy,
but I'm glad I finally did.

 Next in the dollar section I found this pump bottle.
They had a few different colors, but of course I chose pink.
I put baby shampoo inside the bottle to hopefully
make cleaning my makeup brushes easier, and faster.
It worked! I cleaned my brushes the other night,
and this made it go so much faster.
I'm thinking about going back for a couple more.

I also made a stop at Wal-Mart where I picked up a nail polish.
 I chose Rags To Riches from Rimmel.
This is a gorgeous green shade with a little hint of gold.
This is the kind of color I have been wanting for awhile now.
I can't wait put it on my nails.

Last but certainly not least...Bath & Body Works!
 First up...the next scent from B&BW.
Be Enchanted. This the $1 dollar preview.
This scent is so good!
It reminds me of few different B&BW scents.
I can smell a little Charmed Life, 
Secret Wonderland, and a tiny hint of Dark Kiss.
I have heard people say they can smell Peach Citrus in it as well.
I don't get that at all.
I think this is a great scent, and look at that packaging.
They are on a roll with great scents, and gorgeous packaging.

 I also picked up the Charmed Life body spray.
I actually got this for free with the spend $10 get a free item coupon.
I've mentioned this scent before, and of course I love it.

 Next a picked up a candle. They have a few of their fall items on clearance.
I immediately asked if they had any thing in the Leaves
scent marked down, and the girl told me they had 2 bulb wallflower refills
and that those went VERY fast. So I continued to look around.
I came across the S'mores candle...OH MY GOD!
This candle is absolutely AMAZING!
I couldn't resist I had to have it, and it was marked
down to under $10 so why not?!
 Look at that picture! 
How delicious does that gooey mess look?!
The description couldn't be more perfect. 
I totally smell everything they mention, and to have my home 
smell like S'mores is simply amazing.

So that's it. That's all that I got.
I hope you all enjoyed this haul.
and I hope you had an awesome weekend,
and have an even more awesome week!

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