Haul - TJMaxx, Target, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works

Hey everyone! I did some shopping today and wanted to share what I picked up.
I have 2 beauty items and them some home decor.
Hope you enjoy!

The first stop was TJ Maxx.
Where I came across some NYX eyeshadow palettes!
Being that I live in a town with no Ulta and the nearest one being an hour away
this was a VERY exciting find.
I'm shocked I didn't buy all the palettes they had!
I was excted to find this one,though, I've had my eye on it for awhile
I'm not exactly sure what took my so long to buy ir, but I am so excited to use these colors.

For some reason while I was at the mall I decided to stop in Victoria's Secret.
And am I glad I did!!
I picked up a bottle of Pure Seduction and fell in love.
I will definitely be going back to pick up more products in this scent.
 Next stop was Bath & Body Works where I found this cute little bird house oil warmer.
I'm not planning on using this with the scented oils..I just thought it was cute.
Next I picked up one of their candle pedestals. 
I've been on a kick of decorating with white accents.
I love this for displaying candles.
So cute!

I about died when I found this bird.
A mint colored bird? To go with my white accents?
It's a candle but obviously it's way too cute to ever light.

 Then I picked up this decorative bowl.
I've had my eye on this the last couple of weeks, and finally decided to pick it up.
The best part about this is the it was marked to from $30 to $9!
Awesome deal!
Too awesome to pass up.

Lastly some random cat cuteness!!! 

Last weekend I was in Target (of course!) and spotted Hello Kitty pet accessories!
I found a Hello Kitty pet bed!!!!

How cute is that?! 
Lily loves it. 
She uses t all the time and I am so happy about that.

It's also been T approved. 
He's a bit too big for it but that's ok.

So there you have it! 
A shopping haul and some cat cuteness!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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  1. Cute haul! i love the bird candle!!!
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    -Jenna <3