Coming Soon.

So I love watching beauty videos on YouTube...I maybe slightly addicted. I would love to start making videos to upload talking about my favorite products, doing haul videos, showing you my vanity set up, and that fun stuff. I just can't seem to bring myself to make videos though. Maybe I'm embarrassed, or think my boyfriend will find them and make fun of me which takes us back to being embarrassed. I don't know but for whatever reason i'm not comfortable with it yet. I've made videos before, but I just can't bring myself to upload them! Maybe one day! So for now this blog is how I want to get things out there!

So sometime in the near future I really want to do a video about how I set up my vanity, and how I store things (even though I don't have much). I want to share with you the new products I found and then review them for you. Basically I want to treat this as my "YouTube Channel"

Some things to look forward too:
  • Vanity Set-Up/Makeup Collection
  • Nail Polish Storage/Collection
  • Perfume Collection
  • Monthly Favorites
  • What's In My Purse
  • HAULS!

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