How I Store My Makeup Brushes

 So this is my brush holder. 
I just recently switched my brushes over to this, because the one I was using just wasn't going to work anymore. I originally bought this for my brushes but then stopped using it and put it in the living room.
My boyfriend didn't like that. So I decided I need a bigger holder so I might as well use it for I bought it for in the first place!
I got it at Hobby Lobby and I believe it was about $12.

 And of course like everyone else I use the Sephora inspired beads to hold the brushes.
I love using this as my brush holder.
Just puts a smile on my face to sit at my vanity and see how cute it is.
I love it!
This is what I originally had my brushes in. 
I bought this candle holder from wal-mart for $1.
Then I bought some ribbon and a cute little bow 
and had an adorable brush holder!
I couldn't get rid of it completely so I have to find 
another use for it.
Lip products.
I store my most used lip products in it now and it works so much better 
than just throwing them in a drawer.

Love both of these holders so much!

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