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3rd post of the day! Yes I said 3rd! I didn't plan on 3, but the ideas just kept coming. So lately I've been wanted to redo my "beauty room" set-up. When I set the room up last year it didn't end up looking like anything I originally wanted. So now I'm planning on taking everything off the walls and starting over! I looked everwhere for beauty/makeup related photos to hang. So one day while browsing on Amazon I found something perfect to put above my vanity! A wall decall that says.....
I love this!!!! I haven't purchased it yet and this isn't the one I originally saw but I think I might like this one better. I fell in love with it right away. It's what I've been looking for. I'm very excited to get this and hopefully I can find more neat little things to hang as well, and of course once it's done I will be posting pictures!

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