Review: Caress Velvet Bliss Body Wash

So the other day while I was at Target I remembered I needed to buy body wash. Sometimes I'll just grab what I know I like, and others i'll try something new. This time I went for something new. I love Caress body washes the original is one of my favorites to use, and I also love the one in Evenly Gorgeous (which makes me want to bake!) So I've seen Velvet Bliss but have never actually given it a chance and smelled it. I picked up the bottle to smell it and I was in love! Right away I knew that was the one and threw it in the cart!

I really love this body wash. I love the way this brand lathers up in the shower. The smell you get once you begin to use it is amazing! It last on your skin for a good part of the day as well. I don't know why I've never given this one a chance, but I'm glad I did! Great smell, great lather, and hey it's pink!!!

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