Tag: This or That

1. blush or bronzer? Blush. I tried bronzer and i just can't get the hang of it, but I love blush and wear it every day.
2. lip gloss or lipstick? Lip gloss. I've always been more into lip gloss. i'm not exactly sure why though.
3. eye liner or mascara? Mascara. I can do without eyeliner if I have to, but I have to at least have my mascara.
4. foundation or concealer? Foundation.
5. neutral or colour eye shadow? Neutral. I'm a bit scared of color.
6. pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed.
7. brushes or sponges? Brushes. I never used brushes until a couple years ago...and now I don't know how I ever lived without them!

Now of course I tag EVERYONE!

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