My Top 5 Spring Fragrances

 First on the list Orange Sapphire from Bath & Body Works. I bought this last summer and wore it pretty much everyday. It quickly became my "summer scent". I love this scent so much. It can be a bit strong with the orange smell which might bother some, but not me. The smell lingers for a good part of the day, and with the lotion it's even better! Not for all but absolutely is for me. Now I've rumors that this scent is being discontinued this year...I hope that isn't true, but if it is you can be sure I'll be there stocking up while I still can!
 White Citrus...ah just the name puts a smile on my face. This is what i call my "happy scent" I smell this and it instantly puts a BIG smile on my face. It has such a fresh, clean smell, and I love it! I think I have just about every product that this scent comes in, and I use them often.
 Moving on to Victoria's Secret. Pink with a splash of fruity & bright. I also bought this last summer, and omg the second I smelled this I didn't even have to think twice. I knew I had to have it! It has such a sweet and fun scent. I really can not get enough of this stuff. This will probably be my most worn fragrance this spring/summer.

 Dream Angels Heavenly. The name alone says it all. Heavenly. That's exactly what this scent is. I've had my bottle for awhile but it is getting very low and soon will be time for a new one, which will be my 3rd. Very pretty scent and lasts all day. It's good for daytime, but I would save it for a romantic date, or just a simple night out on the town. With this scent you can't go wrong.
Viva La Juicy. My favorite perfume ever! This was the first "higher end" perfume I bought with my own money. I'm so in love with this perfume. Like with everything else in life some love it and others hate it. I honestly don't see what there is to hate about it. If you aren't into sweet scents then this probably isn't for you. Super sweet smell that can be described with only one word..DELICIOUS! (please don't drink it though!) 

So there are my top 5 spring fragrance picks! What yours? Do we like some of the same ones? Tell me! I love hearing about products that other people love.

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  1. This Pink by Victoria's Secret is my friends favorite scent. I love the smell of this and sometimes I use it. :)
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